roice nell. portraits of a videographer.

This is my friend Roice.

We started working together when I first arrived in Capetown. (In fact, I think it was actually the fist job I was on in Capetown that I met Roice). We got to know each other on the back of a truck on the way to the shoot location, and have been best friends ever since.
I bounce a lot of my creative ideas of Roice for some added input.

He recently asked me to shoot some portraits of him for his website and PR. Roice is a super-talented filmmaker - you can take a look at his work here

I had taken a couple of lights with me to shoot the portaits, but when I arrived at his flat, I decided to only use the natural light from the large window in his lounge. It was late afternoon and the light was beautiful. Using fast lenses allowed me to open up quite wide to get all the light I needed, and the flexibility of being able to ramp my iso quite high went a long way too in terms of blowing out the background.

For the first setup Roice stood in front of the large window. I exposed in such a way that the background blew out completely and the light coming through the window created a great rim light. I would often use this technique in studio, except instead of using a window I’d use a large soft box or flash through a large diffuser.


We also got Roice to sit on the window ledge to create some more dynamic pose positions.


The second setup we move to a wall perpendicular to the window. The window created a wonderfully soft side light.

I never used any reflectors or fills. (I brought them with, but had forgotten them in the car on the ground floor – I wasn’t super keen to do the stairs again.) A quick black and white conversation in Lightroom rendered the following results.

Another rad photographer friend of mine saw the images I pretty much demanded I shoot similar images for her bio..  But those will be in another blog post, another time.

Photography is magic. Create.