lesca. portraits of a photographer.

Meet Lesca.

Lesca, a photographer based in Cape Town, and I have assisted on shoots together countless times. From the first job we did together, I decided we would be great friends – she’s that cool.

Recently Lesca shot a rad main fashion story for GQ South Africa… it’s a big deal. The magazine is writing a bio on her, so she needed some portraits to accompany the piece, and asked me to take some photos of her. She’d seen the photos I took of our mutual friend, Roice and was keen to have similar shots of herself. You can see the images in this blog post.

Honestly, shooting another photographer is one of the most daunting experiences, especially one that is stepping into the big leagues like she is.

For Lesca’s shoot, I used only the natural light in Roice’s Cape Town apartment. The afternoon sun was streaming in through a massive window in the lounge, so I just ramped up my ISO, opened up wide and shot away.

For the first round of photos, I put Lesca in front of the window, which created a beautiful rim light and blown out background.

In the second batch of shots I had her sit against a perpendicular wall with the natural light illuminating her from the side, which created a subtle contrast effect.

I made minor adjustments and a black and white conversion in Lightroom.

The whole shoot took about half an hour – in time for us to finish in her lunch break with enough time to actually have lunch. The images are in the gallery below.

The fashion story Lesca shot is coming out in the next issue of GQ SA – I’ve had a sneak peak, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Photography is magic. Create.